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Juniors (5 – 8 years) • Seniors (9 years+)

Performing Arts Programs Summer 2015

Professional Faculty

June 22 – 26: Intro to Voice & Theatre                        

Juniors & Seniors

Heroes vs. Villians

Famous heroes and villains will inspire a quest that you will stage for family and friends on the last day of camp. Create your own hero or villain and bring them to life as you invent the world they live in. Explore storytelling, characterization, and the balance of good and evil! A week that will be great for those new to musical theatre and the experienced!

June 29 – July 3*  Voice & Theatre

*No class on July 1



Voice: A Musical Journey of Song

Take a musical journey with your voice through your favourite songs. You will develop vocal technique, range, ear training and theory. This will be applied to solo singing, as well as choral singing and overall teamwork. Using everyone’s creativity, we will stage a recital with their favourite songs!



Theatre: The Skills of the Performer

What makes a great performance? Find out, by learning about character development and discovering how to work successfully with an acting partner. You will work on your acting skills such as voice, movement, improvisation, comedy technique and mask. Discover how to work with a script, bringing words to life on stage! 

July 6-10  Theatre & Voice



Theatre: The Art of Acting

Discover the art of acting! An introductory program where you will learn foundational skills.  You will work on speaking clearly, confidently, and creatively! This imaginative, high-energy environment also provides basic theatre terminology, improvisation, characterization, vocal technique and physical skills.   Using everyone’s creativity, you will take on a journey of story and fun. 



Voice: Brining Words to Life

Join us for this program and you can expect to sing some of the most exciting music ever written – from contemporary pop to classic rock to inspiring musical theatre numbers! Have fun while being instructed in vocal technique, range, theory and stage presence. Discover vocal harmonies, group movement and ensemble performance while celebrating vocal music!

July 13-31



Ballet Intensive


Click here: Summer Ballet Intensive


August 10-21 (2 weeks)  Musical Theatre


Juniors & Seniors                              

Musical Theatre

Sing, Act, Dance! A fun and exciting way to explore and learn music theatre skills while working towards performing in a mini-musical on the last day of the program.  Drawing from the story and music from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (that’s right, Willy Wonka!), you will get lost in a land of candy, ommpa lompa’s, and fun! You will sing your hearts out, dance your shoes off, create characters, act, play and revel in the joyful experience of musical theatre! Emphasis is placed on ensemble work and the pleasures of working together to stage the very best show possible. Learn new skills and build on existing ones while creating a mini-musical presented at the end of the second week.

August 24-28


Juniors & Seniors                              

Masks & Puppetry

The ultimate combination of fun and learning!  Enjoy exploring one of the oldest forms of creativity while discovering the historical significance of masks and puppets.  Central to some of the oldest forms of performance, learn about the variety of puppets (rod puppets, shadow puppets, glove and hand puppets, simple marionettes) and the mystery of masks.  You will learn basic skills in making a puppet or mask applying your imagination and creativity


August 31-September 4


Juniors & Seniors                              

Arts Appreciation

Moncton’s arts and culture is alive and well!  Through creative projects, outings, song, and dance, you will broaden your understanding of arts and culture in Moncton. You will also expand your understanding and learning about art from cultures around the world.  Find out why Moncton stands out culturally on the global stage! 

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