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Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre program is a performance based training culminating in two large scale musicals each year.  The program is for students aged 9+ and does not require any previous experience.  Students learn all aspects of musical theatre and train in voice, acting, and dance by a professional faculty. Students attend classes and rehearsals 3 times per week. 


Classes in musical theatre include: character development, vocal instruction, stage movement, acting techniques, musical theatre scene study, and theatre dance for musicals. Students work with characters and musical numbers chosen to build their skills and to stretch their ability to work as performers in solo, small group and ensemble situations. A high degree of skill and discipline are required.

Three classes are offered: 


  • Musical Theatre (9yrs+)

  • Choir (7yrs+)

  • Acting (Intermediate 9-12yrs, Advanced 12-18yrs)

*Performance packages (Enrollment in multiple classes)  are also available*


All students in our program get to participate in the full-scale productions we put on every year.  Each student is also taught audition technique that they will put to use to audition for lead roles within the musical productions!


For more details call us at 383-5951 Ext: 101 or e-mail


 Class Times

  • Musical Theatre: Once per week, 120 minutes

  • Choir: Once per week, 90 minutes


  • Intermediate (9-12yrs): Once  per week, 90 mins

  • Advanced (12-18yrs): Once per week, 60 minutes


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