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Organizational Overview



Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada is the sole professional ballet company east of Quebec and one of only six professional ballet companies in all of Canada. The company is comprised of soloist-level professional ballet dancers from around the world who have made Atlantic Canada their home. The company was founded in 2001 by Susan Chalmers-Gauvin, CEO, and Igor Dobrovolskiy, Artistic Director and choreograper. Under the artistic direction of Mr. Dobrovolskiy, Atlantic Ballet Atantique Canada catapulted to the international stage in 2006 and now tours across Canada, United States and Europe including  Switzerland, France, Belgium and Germany. The company has achieved an international reputation for artistic excellence and innovation.



Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada is strongly committed to community. We deliver extensive programs with cultural, economic, educational and social outcomes. Through the delivery of our artistic, community and outreach performances and programs our company is committed to:

  • positively impacting people;

  • strengthening our communities; and

  • promoting inclusivity.

As such, Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada strives to produce art of high artistic standards and also to use ballet‐theatre as a vehicle for public education. Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada has a wide range of experience in providing outreach and educational opportunities to literally thousands of individuals each year. We collaborate annually with more than 100 partners which includes: governments at all levels, organizations and institutions concerned with education - both formal and informal - literacy groups, schools, multicultural, social service organizations, professional associations, agencies and organizations serving children and youth.

To learn more about the Atlantic Ballet Atlantique Canada, please visit our website at

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