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Benefits of Participation


Arts play a key role in the intellectual and emotional development of youth and children. The value of exposure and participation of the arts is well documented. Young people who participate in the arts have a broader base of experience. 


Attending the School of Atlantic Ballet will enhance students':


  • academic performance

  • creative and critical thinking ability

  • problem solving and communication skills

  • teamwork

  • self-discipline

  • confidence and positive  self-image

  • physical coordination and stamina through physical activity


What Makes Our Program Different


The School of Atlantic Ballet offers a broad range of program opportunities for students to develop. Rather than focus on a single discipline, their strengths can develop in one or more areas depending on interest and ability: dance, voice, acting, theatre production, leadership.


All programs and classes for students from ages 2 1/2 years to 18 years of age are taught by professional artists and educators in their respective discipline.


Youth have the opportunity to learn, be engaged and mentored by individuals who work as professionals in the performing arts in a positive and supportive learning environment.


The School of Atlantic Ballet is established and administered by an international standard professional company. Youth are being trained according to standards of professional artistic excellence.


Students have the opportunity to be part of fully produced productions each year.


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