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"Join the professionals!"

50/50 Weekly Draw






Players must be 19yrs. of age or older and a New Brunswick resident to play.


You must register and be issued a membership number to play.



To register and play proceed to one of the below payment options.


If you would like to register for more than one number you must repeat the payment option a second time. There is no limit on the number of memberships one person can have. A number is issued for each time you‎ fill in the payment form. 


You will receive an e-mail that confirms your registration and provides you with your number or numbers, your start date and end date for renewal.


IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A NUMBER AND ARE RENEWING please select one of the payment options below.

After completing the payment information go to  "Note To Seller" at the bottom of the pay form and click on "Add" . A box will appear. Write your membership number in the box. For questions call: 506-383-5951 Ext:110 or


FOR CORPORATE POOLS - You can call our office to arrange for payment for corporate lottery pools 506-383-5951 Ext:110. You  can also register the name of your company for each employee playing for a common time period - 5 weeks, 10 weeks, 6 months or 1 year. If 5 employees are playing then pay 5 times below to be issued 5 numbers in your corporate name for that time period. 


5 Weeks for: $10


10 Weeks for: $20


6 Months for : $52


12 Months for: $104

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