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Train with the professionals


Located at the beautiful studios and company headquarters of international professional touring company, Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, all classes are taught by our professional intenational faculty.


Classes are available for ages 3 years and up including beginner, intermediate, pointe and advanced level training. Individual professional coaching and private classes are also available.


For more information call Esther at 383-5951 Ext: 101 or e-mail

Pre-Ballet (3-4 years)​ Girls & Boys

These classes are designed to build basic motor skills, independence and coordination through songs, rhythms and stories. Young children will have the opportunity to explore movement and music. These classes will improve physical literacy, basic motor and listening skills in a dynamic classroom atmosphere.


- 40 minutes once per week.


Pre-Primary Ballet (4-5 years) Girls & Boys

Pre-Primary ballet provides an encouraging and positive atmosphere which provides the basis for children to learn technical skills, gain strength and focus. In Pre-Primary Ballet, children begin to develop the balance, posture, flexibility, strength and discipline required for all dance forms with a focus on physical literacy.


-  55 minutes once per week.

Primary Ballet (6-8 years) 

Girls & Boys

Intermediate Ballet  (11+ years) Girls & Boys
Intermediate Advanced Ballet (12 yrs and up) 
Girls & Boys 
Contemporary Dance Girls and Boys 

In Primary ballet students build on their physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality.  Through participation and dance, students learn to demonstrate body and special awareness, coordination and control of movement, as well as a heightened sense of musicality and expression.  


- 55 minutes, 2 times per week.

Intermediate students take class a minimum of 3 times a week and are introduced to a wider variety of dance elective classes, including contemporary and stretch and strength. Training at this level encourages more advanced technical skills, precision, agility and fluidity of movement. At the instructor's discretion, students may transition from pre-pointe exercises to an introductory curriculum of pointe work.


- 90 minutes, 3 times per week.

Intermediate Advanced Ballet is for students showing the ability and dedication for more intense training in classical ballet.  The program provides a specialized training environment. For girls, it includes a unique and specialized technique, pointe.  Pointe work allows female students to explore this extension of ballet. Pointe work demands a specific physical strength and flexibility in the structure of the student’s foot, as well as overall strength in ballet technique. A high level of commitment is required from students and attendance is extremely important


- 120 minutes, 4 times per week.

A rich, diverse, and unique movement form that supports individual expression while developing a solid technical base. Classes focus on alignment, kinetic awareness and placement of the body, encouraging freedom of movement, coordination, and inner creativity. Skills of improvisation, partnering work, and creative process are developed in these classes.


Contemporary is offered at the Elementary level for 40 minutes once a week, and at the Intermediate/Intermediate Advanced level for 60 minutes once a week.

Elementary Ballet (8-11 years) Girls & Boys 

Elementary ballet extends the self-awareness and technical vocabulary learned during Primary Ballet.  During Elementary ballet instruction, children transition to a more structured class environment where they are introduced to an increased level of formal instruction consisting of barre and centre work.


- 75 minutes, 3 times per week.

Character Dance Girls and Boys 

Character dance is integral to much of the classical ballet repertoire and used in many of the great classic ballets such as Swan Lake and Don Quixote.  The class includes a series of advanced Character barre and centre exercises that are dynamic and expressive.  Dances include folk traditions from many countries and nationalities incorporating a broad range of technical learning and expertise.


Character Dance is being offered for the Elementary for 45 minutes, and for Intermediate and Intermediate Advanced levels for 90 minutes.  

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