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Youth Leadership in the Arts

Along with performing in two full-length shows each year, students in our programs have many opportunities to further grow and excel in leadership positions. Youth in our programs can choose to aid in direction and stage management, as well as develop critical skills as young leaders through volunteerism.​

Some students may wish to be involved in a performance without being onstage themselves, and have the option of assisting in stage managing productions. Stage managing includes set preparation, prop organization, and scheduling. Students work closely with the director to help bring the shows to life, building independence and a sense of responsibility through special tasks while learning what it takes to put together a show from beginning to end.

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Previous students have even joined our staff as employed summer students. Skills learned in our programs can be carried over to the workplace, and help them continue to grow and expand their knowledge to succeed. 

Because the School is heavily involved in the community, older students often lend an extra hand, volunteering in arts festivals, performances, parades, and here in the Arts After School program. Volunteering as a student offers an insight to the local community and the intricacies of the performing arts, building a sense of self-confidence and encouraging emotional intelligence.

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