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50/50 Weekly Draw

Performing Arts Programs Summer 2015

Professional Faculty

Juniors (5 – 8 years) • Seniors (9 years+)

June 23 – 27: Theatre                         Juniors & Intermediates


Castles & Crowns: The Journey Begins

No experience required! A fun and interactive approach to the fundamentals of performing on stage. Instructors use tongue twisters, classic tales, and games to inspire the imagination and build performance skills. Students will learn stage presence, group collaboration, and creative spontaneity – skills that build the foundation of a great performer!

June 30 – July 4*: Theatre

(Show July 4)

*No class on July 1


Juniors & Intermediates                               

Castles & Crowns: The Journey Continues**

Building on the themes and foundations of week one, students expand their skills, learn character development, lines, and cues. Students focus their talents all week and get to show off their work in an action-packed play for friends and family.


**must have taken The Journey Begins



Setting the Stage: Acting Intensive

Lights, camera, action! Develop your acting talents in a fun and professional setting. Students learn various styles of acting, and also gain knowledge of theatre fundamentals. Workshops will focus on articulation, emotion identification, character development, and scene work. These emerging actors will learn how to prepare for an audition and how to be an actor that everyone wants to work with!

July 7 – 11: Voice (Juniors & Intermediates) & Theatre (Seniors) (Show July 11)

July 14 – 18: Theatre (Juniors & Intermediates) & Voice (Seniors) (Show July 18)

Voice: Take Note of Your Talent!

Discover the joy of music through singing. This class is designed to help students become better singers. Students will learn how to become comfortable with their voice through individual vocal techniques, group harmonies, and choral work. Students will gain vocal confidence, as well as develop music appreciation.

Theatre: Your Ideas – Your Show!

Imagine and express! Students gain hands-on experience in the art of collaborative theatre-making. Students learn how to improvise, rehearse, and perform their own unique play in just five days. Creating the plot, crafting the story, scripting the dialogue, and honing their acting skills for their very own dramatic production to be performed at the end of the week.

August 5 – 8 & 11 – 15*: Musical Theatre

(Show August 15)    

*No class on August 4  


Juniors, Intermediates, & Seniors


Do it all: sing, act, and dance! Working towards a final showcase performance, instructors will provide a dramatic and fun way to learn musical theatre skills. Students are organized according to age group for instruction, and brought together to rehearse and perform a “mini-musical.” Parents and friends: bring your cameras!

August 18 - 22: Performance & Auditioning   (Show August 29)   


Juniors, Intermediates, & Seniors


Christmas in August

Only 18 weeks till Christmas! A fun-filled, high-energy week that will teach students about performance and auditioning. Daily instruction will be infused with the theme of our Christmas musical, A Christmas Carol – just in time for the upcoming Christmas Carol auditions.

August 25 - 29: Arts Appreciation 


Juniors, Intermediates, & Seniors


Arts & Culture in our Community

Learn about our local folklore, talent, and culture. Guest artists from a variety of disciplines and special outings will offer students fun lessons about the fabric of our very own arts and culture community in Greater Moncton. Round out the summer with culture!

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