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Choral ensemble provides the opportunity for interested students to develop and refine the art of singing and to improve understanding of the elements and styles of music. These classes allow students an opportunity to continue developing musicianship and vocal skills. Entry is by audition.


Junior Ensemble – Ages 5-7, Tuesday 5:35pm (30 minutes)


Senior Ensemble – Ages 8 and up, Thursday 5:50pm (1 hour)



Audition Requirements


Our audition process is very relaxed, and very short. Choose a song that you really like and with which you are very comfortable. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled audition time to complete the registration process.


The following information may be helpful to you:

  • Parents must remain outside the room during the audition.

  •  Each applicant will be asked to:

  • Sing a song of their own choice (it can be O Canada, Happy Birthday, etc.) without accompaniment.

  • Echo sing and clap a simple melody and rhythm that will be sung or clapped to them in the audition

  • Sing as high and as low as they can, to determine the range of their voice.

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